SITE FINDING: How to scale your property deals pipeline using Virtual Assistants (VA’s)

Join Paul Davis and David Hartnett as they talk through how you can leverage virtual assistants to help you scale and own your own pipeline.

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iconLive Webinar: Thursday 11th August, 2022, 10:00 BST


About the webinar

In the most exciting market of a generation, now is the time to be scaling your acquisitions. Many people, however, struggle to find the time to identify sites and connect with owners to allow them to truly own their own pipelines.

Join Paul Davis, Co-founder of Nimbus Maps, and David Hartnett, Owner of Mountbatten Estates, as they talk through how you can leverage virtual assistants to help you scale and own your own pipeline, and how you can leverage the sites they find to scale your business both in terms of the number of schemes you progress, but also the size of them.


What we'll cover

  • The winning process of scalable site finding
  • What does the right VA need to know to support you?
  • How to recruit and manage people remotely
  • Case studies
  • See in action in Nimbus
  • Live Q&A



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Co-Founder | Nimbus® Maps

Paul started his career in the family property & investment business, then later went on to form a consultancy with his brother, Simon, specialising in property development for multi-billion-pound organisations. It’s here that the brothers co-founded Nimbus® Maps, a platform designed to support property entrepreneurs by using a "technology first” approach to problem-solving.

Having progressed well over 250 development schemes for some of the UK’s biggest PLCs, Paul draws from a wealth of experience as an investor, developer, and consultant.

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Owner | Mountbatten Estates

Following graduating with a degree in IT at Hertfordshire University and a career in the city as a trader, Dave followed in his fathers footsteps to become a successful property developer in West London and home counties.

Having set up Mountbatten Estates in 2020, Dave has amassed an impressive £50m+ pipeline of developments in under 18 months.

Using VA's, Dave's business model is to find under-developed land, airspace, commercial property and utilising his extensive knowledge of the planning system, re-purpose this for residential dwellings. Committed to regeneration and redevelopment, and delivering high quality, affordable, luxury accommodation, he aims to help bridge the gap in the shortfall of houses being built in this country.  


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